More than any other race, orcs are the most closely identified with the Powers of Darkness. They have a universal reputation for being wicked and cruel, delighting in the torment of others. Orcs are nocturnal creatures that live in tunnels and caves. They despise the sun and venture forth during the day only under extreme duress. Orcs constantly fight amongst each other and only the strongest and most powerful leaders can keep them in line. Orcs can potentially live a very long time – quite possibly centuries – though few last past age 30 due to their violent culture and dark natures.

There are no female orcs. Instead, these creatures have the horrific ability to mate and produce offspring with any medium-size female creature and often target animals like pigs and goats for their evil lusts. The creature born from such a union is an orc, but it often has the look of its animal parent. For this reason, most orcs present a porcine appearance or have muzzle like faces; some even possess tusks. However, many orcs have a strangely fey appearance with twisted, angular features. No matter what features they possess, all orcs have long pointed ears and horrid red slitted eyes. Skin color ranges from gray, to green, to greenish black. Size can range from 4ft. to 6ft.

While orcs will eat about anything, they much prefer the flesh of elves, dwarves and men. Orcs rarely hold captives for very long, most being devoured within a few day of being captured.

The origins of the orc race are murky, though it is certain they are a race created through sorcery and dark magic. Strangely, an orc’s pointed ears and potential long life span show evidence of a fey or even elven influence of some sort.


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